Messages of Faith and Hope for Cuba

The Caribbean island of Cuba has many faiths, representing a widely-varying culture. Though Christianity is the dominant faith, it is often a religion of tradition instead of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Over the years, Cuba has become officially atheistic and restrictive of religious practices. Some restrictions have been eased, but life is still difficult for believers and many Cubans are unexposed to the gospel message.

Through radio programming, God can place His words in the ears of people searching for answers, who are then inspired to seek out local believers and find the ultimate answer in Jesus Christ. To assist the Cuban Church in reaching their country, TWR created Messages of Faith and Hope, a five-minute, daily radio program. Produced by local Cuban believers, Messages of Faith and Hope discusses issues such as family life, interpersonal relationships, childrearing, superstitions, poverty and other concerns, while pointing them to faith and hope in Jesus Christ. This program will be produced in-country and then broadcast from TWR’s high-powered transmitters on the Caribbean island of Bonaire.

Your gift of $38 will pay for one broadcast of Messages of Faith and Hope to the Cuban people.