Program for Sgaw Karen Youth in Myanmar

The Sgaw Karen, an indigenous people group in Myanmar, number over four million souls. Less than half of them are Christian, with the rest following either traditional animist beliefs or Buddhism.* Historically abused and isolated, the Sgaw Karen continue to face discrimination and thousands live in refugee camps in neighboring Thailand. Sgaw Karen youth are growing up amid political turmoil and religious pressures. They need the opportunity to learn about the Prince of Peace and the unconditional love that only Jesus Christ can bring. But how will they hear when missionary access is restricted?

To bring up the next generation of Sgaw Karen believers, TWR's partner in Myanmar broadcasts a weekly, 15-minute youth radio program. Combining sermons, songs by request and Bible teaching, this program uses Bible stories and parables to share the Christian faith with young people who have never been exposed to God’s Word. Listeners will also learn about such Christian values as responsibility, compassion and kindness, thus bringing light to their homes and communities throughout Myanmar.

Please pray that God would use this rare opportunity for Sgaw Karen youth to learn about his love, and pray about your own participation in bringing this hope to young people in need of salvation. A gift of $100 would make a lasting difference.

* Operation World, 21st Century Edition