China Media Resource Center Project

Many of the ethnic minorities in China live in rural or mountainous areas, earn their living by farming or herding. As oral communicators, most prefer to receive information in an verbal or visual way, such as in stories, parables, dramas and songs.

To communicate God’s love to China's ethnic minorities in their heart languages, TWR is preparing contextualized Bible stories, parables and praise songs with their specific needs and interests in mind. Through the Media Resource Center project, we can reach the oral communicators of China with the gospel anytime and anywhere, and also maintain regular contact with these precious listeners. The content made available by the Media Resource Centers are developed in the heart languages of the Amdo Tibetan, Hui and Uyghur people. Different sets of these audio materials will be loaded onto portable players and loaned to indigenous seekers and believers.

Help us avail God’s Word to these groups using portable audio players so that a first generation of heart language storytellers will be raised up and will pass on the stories orally within their people group.

Your gift of $100 will make a lasting difference toward this vital project.