Talmatha - Arabic Mentoring Program

In the Arabic-speaking world, a lack of deep knowledge and understanding of the Bible is common among official and underground churches. Due to social, cultural, and political barriers to Christianity, church growth is being hindered. Access to resources and teaching is extremely limited. Middle Eastern leaders and pastors need advanced teaching to empower them to deal with problems they and their congregations face each day. Without this, leaders often feel overwhelmed and weakened against persecution.

To meet this need, TWR, in partnership with other organizations, has developed Talmatha, a discipling/mentoring program for emerging house church leaders in the Arabic-speaking world. This program combines seminars, radio broadcasts, on-the-ground ministry and complementary study material to strengthen and educate Christian leaders in the Middle East. Please consider how God might use you to help disciple and mentor Christians in the Middle East. With a gift of $50 you can be part of this important program being aired to millions of people in the Middle East, the Arabian Peninsula and North Africa.