Christian Life Programs for Russia

What is special about living the Christian life? What does leading a Christian life look like? What are my responsibilities at work? Does God still love me when hardships come my way? People with a strong atheist background think about these issues when they begin living life with God. TWR Russia is including in its broadcast schedule a selection of programs on living the Christian life. Some of them are described below.

Nota Bene comes from Latin and means “take notice." This is a live one-hour Internet program aired from the TWR studio in St. Petersburg for the Internet and the AM transmitter in Tartu, Estonia. Listeners are challenged to consider the advertisements and attractions of popular culture and “take notice” of its influence on their lives. Often, this is disguised sin. Our program is drawing the attention of the listener to aspects of society that directly influence their lives and shape their character.

Six Days teaches Russian listeners that a relationship with God involves living to honor him every day of their lives, not just on Sundays. Many Russians think that serving the Lord is simply going to church. The rest of the time is for earning a living and earthly things, not spiritual ones. Among Christians, this has resulted in taking the Lord out of their workplace. This program challenges Russian Christians to work at their jobs as for the Lord.

When Trials Surround You presents interviews with real people who have experienced real hardships. This evangelistic program is a testimony of God's help in trials and difficulties and how God, very often, uses difficulties to draw us to Himself.  

Legacy of Life helps Christians to see their place in the body of Christ. Is my life producing a legacy? Am I conscious about having one? These questions are asked in the program Legacy of Life. Non-Christians begin to notice God's love in action, and each listener thinks about the legacy he is producing with his God-given gifts and talents.

Other programs address how to experience true joy in a stressful lifestyle, how to learn from others' hardships to gain a deeper faith, dealing with the fear of getting older, and honest discussions of other religions.

A gift of $75.00 will help disciple believers with the sound biblical teaching that is provided through these programs. Would you prayerfully consider a gift to encourage Russian Christians toward a deeper faith in Christ?