Project Hannah Ukrainian (Ukraine)

The current social-economic situation in Ukraine presents many challenges, especially for its women. Many are affected, directly or indirectly, by poverty, prostitution, trafficking, drugs, domestic violence, HIV/AIDS, divorce or abortion. What these women need is HOPE!

Radio can reach women wherever they are, no matter their social status, culture, or location. That is why Project Hannah (PH), TWR’s outreach to women by women, created Women of Hope, a radio broadcast to proclaim the hope of Jesus Christ. "You are valued by God, Jesus died for you, and you can trust Him for salvation and for your life today" is the message that women across the globe are hearing and responding to. PH expresses itself through prayer, awareness building, and radio programming. Women of Hope airs in almost 50 languages worldwide and has touched the hearts of countless women, enabling them to find Christ and live daily for Him. 

For a gift of just $27,50, you can help reach countless Ukrainian women with Christ's life-changing message of hope!