MemCare by Radio for Third Culture Kids

A "Third Culture Kid" is a person who, as a child, accompanied their parents into another culture (usually because of their parents' secular or missionary work). These children live between the culture of their parents' home country and that of their new home, forming a third culture which mixes the two in a very personal way. Third Culture Kids, or TCKs, can sometimes feel disconnected, like they don't belong anywhere. Missionary Kids and other TCKs must also travel back regularly to the place they came from, a place that has now changed so much from what they remember and a place that doesn't always understand the different views a TCK has about the world.

To minister to these children balancing between worlds, TWR's MemCare ministry has created the TCKLife Web site and the TCK Weekly Radio program, designed to inform and create resources for children, their families and those who work with TCKs. Because healthy kids equal healthier families, and healthier familes equal more effective ministry, the MemCare TCK project will not only help children, but entire ministries. Enabling parents to meet their children's psychological and emotional needs allows missionaries to stay on the field and maintain family unity.

The TCK program costs $580 per week, or $38 a minute, for production and airtime. Your financial support will help provide resources to children and families, creating a healthy life journey for Third-Culture Kids around the world.