Project Hannah: Hope for Women in Crisis

Not long ago, Project Hannah founder Marli Spieker was conducting a training session for ministry leaders in the Middle East when she noticed that the 20-something woman next to her was deeply focused with a furrowed brow, texting on her phone.

Seeing Marli’s look of surprise, the young woman apologized immediately. “I’m talking to my sister,” she explained. “She is hiding under the bed with her two daughters. There are riots, and some men are going door-to-door raping all of the women and girls they find.”

Knowing the young woman would go home to that same war-ravaged town the next day, Marli asked if she was afraid. “God is with me,” the young woman replied simply. “He is with my sister. I have to believe that.”

Worldwide, millions of women face devastating situations like this every day. But when you support TWR’s Project Hannah ministry, you provide practical help and eternal hope.

Currently, we need $200,000 to broadcast Women of Hope in Arabic, Turkish, and eight other key languages this year. Through your gift, you’ll also help to reach women with the gospel in more than 65 languages on the air and online as well as with on-the-ground ministry that provides practical advice on healthcare and childcare, and compassionate discipleship to women in extreme need.

Please give strength for today and hope for eternity to more suffering women in the Middle East and around the world. Give generously to Project Hannah now!