Project Hannah Match Gift Opportunity

Countless millions of women around the world face unimaginable horrors from wars that never seem to end; natural disasters that steal their families and homes; diseases that ravage their bodies; poverty and illiteracy that leave them struggling to merely survive. And worse, many are trapped in the silence of their pain, with no one to speak on their behalf or listen to their voices in need.

That is why Project Hannah’s Women of Hope program is broadcast in over 60 languages, speaking directly to the hearts of hurting women, breaking through the pain to provide practical advice, spiritual guidance, and prayer support. Women like this Tagalog listener tell us how much they value the programs: “I hope that your program will continue so that I can always have someone.”

A $20,000 matching gift from the foundation of Gracia Burnham, Project Hannah’s long-time friend, will help fund Women of Hope programs in three Filipino languages (Cebuno, Ilocano, and Tagalog) while ensuring that the ministry can continue in other key languages as well. Your gift by October 31 will be doubled by the match, sharing life-saving, hope filled messages with needy women across the Philippines.

And, consider setting up a monthly donation if you can. In a year’s time, a monthly recurring gift of only $25 pays for one week of Project Hannah in Tagalog (translation and production plus one week’s broadcasts on networks of local stations). You will help Project Hannah receive the full match opportunity now, and then you will continue to give women hope every day!

No gift is too small to help. Thanks so much for your generosity!