Project Hannah Somali: Help keep this crucial broadcast on the air

Without immediate funding, Women of Hope will be forced to stop airing in Somalia.

This broadcast is part of the Project Hannah ministry of TWR (TWR), and it’s one of the only voices sharing the gospel with women in Somalia. Your support is urgently needed to continue reaching some of the most oppressed women on earth.

“We are listening to your program in a group,” one woman shared. “As you know, there is no church in our place. We hear God’s Word from your program only. We are encouraged and blessed by your program. Please pray for us to receive God’s wisdom to expand God’s kingdom here. Also, pray for our lives, because if someone knows that we are listening to these spiritual programs, it will be difficult.”

The Somali Women of Hope program first aired in 2013 with startup funding from a generous ministry partner. Now, that startup funding has run out.

That partner has offered nearly half the cost for another year of broadcasting – but only if we can demonstrate that TWR friends like you are equally committed to the women of Somalia.

Our TWR broadcast team in Somalia is committed. In fact, they know that with a notorious terrorist group executing Christians, at any moment they might have to pay the ultimate price for standing for Jesus. Yet they continue, day by day, because they know their sisters have no other source of hope.

The women of Somalia are listening, and their lives are changing. One said gratefully, “I am your listener, and I would like to get more knowledge about the Bible. Sisters, I like Christianity, and I like to get more knowledge. Please pray for me.”

Please give today to secure the future of Women of Hope in Somalia – and a lasting source of freedom and hope in Christ for women who may not find it anywhere else.

Note: Any gifts we receive above the amount needed for Women of Hope in Somalia will be used to support Project Hannah’s ministry to other oppressed women around the world.