Shepherd the Lambs - Radio Program for Children's Leaders in China

More than 500 million young people in China under the age of 18.* They are the nation's future, its pride and joy, pushed daily to be successful and compete against their peers from an early age. They are also filled with questions about the outside world, their own feelings, truth and spirituality. In this culture, Christianity is viewed as "superstition." Chinese children are not taught about the Bible or Christianity, and churches do not have Sunday schools. Childhood is the greatest chance for a person to accept Jesus as their Savior, but in China it is the most difficult age to reach due to a lack of available literature and training for teachers.

TWR wants to help the church in China to invest in its young people in ways that will build lifelong followers of Jesus. To do this, TWR produces Shepherd the Lambs , a radio program that teaches Sunday school teachers and youth workers how to communicate the Bible in engaging ways, answer their students' spiritual questions and encourage growth in children who will face persecution from the moment of salvation. Thousands of teachers are being blessed through this program.

Your gift of $100 will help provide radios, training materials, face-to-face instruction and practical programming.

*Operation World, 21st Century Edition