China Radio Church Kits: Multiply Your Impact in China!

Christianity is growing so quickly in China that there simply aren’t enough mature Christians, let alone trained pastors, to disciple new believers. Especially in rural China, this gap leaves thousands of new Christians unprotected from false doctrines and practices.

TWR (TWR) has developed an effective solution to the problem of biblical illiteracy and spiritual error in rural China: China Radio Church Kits. Each kit contains a radio, a hard-bound Bible in Mandarin, and seven  Mandarin-language discipleship books. Paired with TWR’s broadcasts, as one recipient shared, “It is like having a Bible college in our home.”

Since 1994, friends like you have enabled TWR to distribute 115,500 China Radio Church Kits to house churches across China. Our goal is to celebrate this 20th year by distributing another 2,500 kits. That’s 1,000 more than last year.

But to make this ambitious goal a reality, we’ll need God’s provision through many people. Can we count on you? Every $85 you can give today will provide another kit to a house church in urgent need of discipleship!

Each kit will multiply your impact almost beyond measuring, because Chinese believers don’t keep the Good News to themselves! From one house church of eight to ten members, the gospel will spread to their families and neighbors. Often the members later become leaders of their own house churches. And in a nation where Bibles are scarce and expensive, your gift of a Bible will be shared and treasured for years.

It will take $212,500 to reach the goal of distributing 2,500 kits this year, so every gift of any size truly matters. Please make an eternal difference to Chinese believers today!