Project Hannah Thai (Thailand)

In Thailand, millions of women feel unimportant and worthless, powerless to change their lives for the better. They are taught to be quiet, courteous and obedient. Outwardly they smile and appear content, but few Thai women live with caring support. Instead they accept suffering and neglect.

Hearing the cries of Thailand's women, TWR's Project Hannah ministry is producing Women of Hope in the Thai language. This 30-minute weekly program offers compassion and hope to suffering women, letting them know that they are understood and cared for, and pointing them to God's redemption in Jesus Christ. On-the-ground ministry also takes place among Thailand's women through prison visitation and prayer groups held by dedicated volunteers.

A listener writes, "Thank you for sending me the books and CD. I have listened to it and read them very often. If you have more of the new ones, please send some to me again. I have to work every day, even though I am very old and sick. But your program gives me encouragement to go on with life. I would like to have a Bible and teaching tapes about God and His love. I want to be sure if I die I will go to heaven to be with Him."

A gift of $106.25 will pay for an entire week of program production and translation of Women of Hope in Thai. A gift of any amount will greatly encourage and assist volunteers as they minister to Thailand's suffering women.