The Republic of South Sudan: A New Beginning

On July 9, 2011, the world's 193rd nation was born: The Republic of South Sudan. For Sudan, the largest country in Africa, the cost has been high, the need for peace intense. Historically, independence came to Sudan from the United Kingdom and Egypt followed by the First Civil War (1956-1969) and then a Second Civil War (1983-2005). A peace treaty was signed in January of 2005 with terms that would allow a referendum to decide, after a period of six years, whether the south would secede from the north.

In January 2011, the referendum vote took place with 99% of the people voting and calling for the south's independence from the north. "I was born in war, and I grew up as a soldier," said Robert Duk, a student. "So for me to see this day, something I dreamed of but never could believe, is something I find hard to put into words." [BBC News]

TWR Africa is conducting extensive research in order to be ready to help The Republic of South Sudan begin to grow, physically and spiritually, with the following:

• Initial shortwave programing from Swaziland. These programs will focus on leadership and educational development with sound biblical teaching.

• FM programing within The Republic of Sudan, in partnership with the Church as it grows. Practical programs are being planned for agricultural development, wellness and health issues, and educational programs for generations who have had little to no formal training.

• New radio programs in the major languages of the new nation: Juba Arabic, African English, Dinke and Nuer. Other languages will be developed in the future.

The Christians of southern Sudan have long endured persecution and hardship. Others are finding Jesus Christ for the first time. You can be a part of this new beginning as TWR comes alongside the Church in The Republic of Sudan to assist with its healing, revitalization and growth. Please consider a gift of $50 or more to help with this vital project.