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You can provide the opportunity for one person, virtually anywhere in the world, to hear the gospel for just a penny! It’s an amazing but true fact. Because of TWR's vast coverage area, made possible through high-power radio broadcasts, Internet streaming and other mass media platforms, God has enabled us to make the good news of Jesus Christ available to nearly 4 billion of the world’s population, in their own language, for just a penny per person.

That means for every $5 given, TWR can bring the gospel within the hearing of 500 people. Each gift of $25 has the potential to reach 2,500 people. A gift of $50 can touch 5,000 people for Christ, and $75 gives 7,500 men, women, and children the opportunity to hear the message of salvation. By investing in TWR’s Global Media Outreach Fund, you can partner with us to speak hope to the world for just a penny per person!

Global Media Outreach Fund

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