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A TWR Epic Story from the Middle East - Youth Programming

Formerly an atheist country, Albania struggled under the dictatorship of Enver Hoxha for nearly 50 years. It was within this system that Albert Dosti was trained as a leader in the Communist Army of Albania. His job was to teach soldiers how to listen for and intercept enemy radio signals. In the late 1980s, Albert began to hear programs in the Albanian language coming from Monte Carlo. But these were not just any programs…

The radio programs spoke about God and His love for all people. They spoke to Albert's heart, in his own language. It was the first time Albert had heard such a message... for in this country, God was forbidden.

After Hoxha's rule finally came to an end, Albania was opened to the Gospel in 1991. Great progress was made in establishing churches, and the number of Christian churches increased together with the number of born-again Christian believers. The younger generation of Albanians is seeking after God, but they need guidance and leadership.

Enter Albert Dosti. With the help of Trans World Radio, Albert has begun to train, encourage, and lead his own people. After starting one of the earliest churches in Albania, he also formed an English school called "Victory School," which helps Albanians acquire skills to find jobs and remain in Albania.

Due to the economic conditions in Albania, many Christian and secular leaders have been forced to immigrate to other countries to find work and support their families. This has left the country—and Church—in dire need of leadership. Trans World Radio would like to help develop Albanian leaders through on-the-air training and discipleship programs.

In a country that has been scarred by its leadership in the past, TWR believes that godly leaders are needed to repair the hearts and souls of Albania's people. Would you consider coming alongside the Church to create a new generation of political, cultural, and spiritual leaders?

Listener Stories

“There is not any church in our village and our father does not allow us to read the Bible or any Christian books. So radio is the only one spiritual food we have. We are very thankful to you for bringing the Bible here in our house through these wonderful teachings. Please go on with your good work and keep us in your prayers.”
“The program Thru the Bible is a blessing for me. I listen to it carefully. My eyes have been opened for many things that before I didn't realize. It is a wonderful thing to have some one at home (in the radio, of course) to teach you the Word of God verse by verse. I am of the opinion that we need such Bible studying because we are a new church and such teaching help us to grow strong and to built a good foundation in Jesus Christ. God bless you!”
“I listen daily to TTB and it is a big blessing. Every program speaks to my heart and helps me to be a faithful servant and a humble leader. I encourage everyone in my church to listen to the program. Last week I shared about it in an area where there is not any Christian station operating. The brothers and sisters there are facing hard persecution and are praying to have a tape ministry if it will not be possible to have a Christian station. When I think about them I'm very thankful for Christian radio that is a place to relax for all of us.”

Study Questions

  1. Albert first heard the Gospel from a TWR program transmitting in the Albanian language. Albania was an atheist and Communist country. Are there areas of our world that we may easily give up on as "unreachable"?
  2. Albert received minimal training in the Bible but started a local church and served as its pastor with only TWR broadcasts to aid him. Do we put off serving God until we feel we are properly qualified to minister? Should we disregard training altogether? Where does the balance lie?
  3. In 1997, Albania became engulfed in internal strife and many people fled, including Christian leaders. Albert stayed and began teaching English. What examples do you know of where we give up in the face of difficulty instead of looking for how God can use it as an opportunity?
  4. Albert was a radio specialist in the Albanian Army when he first heard the Gospel. Now he's a pastor and founder of a school that teaches English and computer skills to the rising generations of Albanian leaders. Do we see salvation as only having eternal consequences? Why don't we think as much about the ways God can use Christians in this life now, especially in "secular" areas?

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