TWR Asia

For more than 30 years, TWR's programs have been reaching across Asia into the homes of millions of families to introduce them to Christ.

Today, TWR broadcasts in more than 80 Asian languages and dialects. In addition, TWR has regional partners throughout Asia that are responsible for producing TWR's programs, handling follow-up and administering humanitarian aid.

Besides the broadcasts, TWR has undertaken many projects that benefit the peoples of this region and, as a result, paved the way for introducing the gospel. Such projects include tsunami relief efforts, adopting HIV/AIDS villages in China, distributing radios in several Asian nations, ministering to women's health needs and ministering to orphans in Cambodia. This practical outreach is conducted by TWR-Asia’s regional partners.

What Listeners are Saying…

  1. God's Word via TWR

    “I thank God and TWR for sending to our family a radio to assist us in listening to his Word. Our congregation is located in the mountain range, and its people come from the northern province. We have a plan so that each family can take turns listening to God’s Word via TWR. Everyone is joyful in listening because they learn some precious lessons for life application. People have become more loving and mutually supportive after they started listening to TWR. All [of us] are eager to …read more

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