TWR Americas

TWR’s long history of ministry in the Americas dates back to 1964 when a superpower broadcasting site was established on the Caribbean island of Bonaire to air Christian programs to the region.

Today, in addition to the Bonaire station, TWR programs are aired on hundreds of local stations throughout Latin America and in all countries where Spanish is spoken.

TWR has partner offices in 12 countries and broadcasting/production facilities situated in key locations throughout the Americas that produce high quality, original programs for the Americas Region in 15 languages and dialects and/or serve as the link between listeners and churches in many Latin American countries.

TWR officially operates as Radio Trans Mundial in the Latin world.

Other TWR-Americas ministries:

What Listeners are Saying…

  1. A Trav├ęs de la Biblia

    “When I was little, in my birth country of the Dominican Republic, my cousins and I liked to stay at my grandmother’s house, where we would listen to your program, A Través de la Biblia. Today, I thank God that I am able to share these studies every night with my family in my home. I am sure that after I go to be with the Lord, my children will also listen to these studies on the Word of God.” — A Spanish Listener in North Carolina,…read more

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