From towering cities to remote villages, God is using TWR to lead people from doubt to decision to discipleship. It’s a never-ending, life-changing ministry, and it’s taking place this very moment around the globe.

Trans World Radio was founded on February 11, 1952, as a nonprofit organization for the mass communication of the Good News of Jesus Christ. Burdened for the people of Spain, TWR founder Dr. Paul E. Freed realized that radio would be ideal to reach those in that spiritually needy land. He discovered an open door to establish a missionary radio station in Tangier, Morocco. Spain is directly across the Strait of Gibraltar.

The first “Voice of Tangier” broadcast aired over a 2,500-watt transmitter on February 22, 1954. Programming began in two languages, Spanish and English. By January 1956, the station expanded by broadcasting to 40 countries in more than 20 languages.

Even before the Moroccan government announced that all radio installations were to be nationalized as of December 31, 1959, Dr. Freed had begun negotiating with Radio Monte Carlo in Monaco with the hope of moving the ministry to the European continent. In 1960, TWR moved across the Strait of Gibraltar to Monte Carlo, where broadcasting continued from a building constructed to air Nazi propaganda during World War II.

The story of TWR continues every day, as the ministry offers solid biblical truth in more than 230 languages and dialects and engages millions in 160 countries.